Warwick Pride is a society as part of Warwick Student Union. As a result we have a democratically elected executive committee and a constitution. Our constitution sets out our aims, the activities we should be undertaking and ensures that everything we do is performed ‘by the book’.

Each Exec member has specific duties but all Exec members are expected to fulfil a general welfare role – if you have any issues, we’re a port of call! The Exec meet once a week to plan events, campaigns and discuss any welfare issues we have. However you don’t have to be on Exec to come to these meetings and if there’s anything you’d like to raise with the Exec you can email us at! Minutes from Exec meetings are handled by our secretary and are accessible on the website, in the “Files” section.

We have two General Meetings:
The Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) near the beginning of term one is held primarily to elect a new Postgraduate and Mature Rep and a new International Rep (to replace the outgoing exec members). Any other unfilled positions are up for grabs and you can submit motions for voting on. If you self-define into any of these groups, running for these positions would be a great way to get involved in the society and even if you don’t, we’d love to see you at the General Meeting so keep an eye on your emails!

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held at the end of term two and all exec positions other than Postgraduate and Mature Rep and International Rep are put up for re-election, along with any other motions that might need to be passed.

When a General Meeting is called, all information is sent out via the weekly emails on how to nominate yourself, what you need to prepare and how the meeting will run. If you wish to submit a motion, you’ll need to write it up formally and someone to second the motion with you. Be prepared to make a speech for the motion you’re proposing, usually around 2 minutes long. You can find details on how to prepare your motion here.