Facebook Groups

We have a number of ‘private’ Facebook groups for the whole society, as well as for specific communities within it. Having the groups set to ‘private’ means that no one outside of the group can see the membership or content posted within it.

You can find community specific groups below and send a request to join them, if you join a community group the officer for that group should add you to the group for the whole society too. You can of course join more than one group if you identify with that group.

Legacy system

When the groups were first made there was no way for them to be private but visible, so we had them 'secret' (now called private and invisible), and had this form to join them. As we can now do this by facebook this form will eventually be removed. Some communities do not yet have links, but you can still fill out the form below and we'll add you as soon as possible!

If for some reason the embedded form doesn't load, you can access it directly as a Google Form.