Bi+ is an umbrella term to cover people who experience sexual and/or romantic attraction to people of more than one gender. At Pride we use the Bi+ part of the acronym to be inclusive of all non-monosexuals/monoromantics, despite not all defining as Bi. This just means that all of those identities are represented on the exec by the Bi+ Officer.

Some people falsely believe that bisexual stipulates attraction to men and women, but many bi+ people find this to be overly simplistic as bi people may be attracted to people of any gender classification. A bi person more commonly defines “bisexual” and “biromantic” to mean sexual or romantic attraction to their own gender and some or all other genders. An example of a biromantic person would be a man who is romantically attracted to men and women, or to men and non-binary people. The term ’pan’, as in ’pansexual’ or ’panromantic’, specifically indicates attraction to all genders, or attraction regardless of gender, while “polysexual” (not to be confused with polyamorous), indicates attraction to multiple genders, not necessarily including your own. An example of a polysexual person would be a woman sexually attracted to men and non-binary people, but not other women.

Why are bi+ people greedy/indecisive?

They’re not! Just because bi+ people are attracted to people of more than one gender, does not mean to say that they cannot decide ‘which they like’ or that they ‘want anyone and everyone’. These myths are harmful to bi+ people who face stigma because of this assumption.

Why don’t you just come out?

Bi+ people have come out – as bi+! Identifying as bi+ is not a ‘stepping stone’ to coming out as gay, it’s a valid identity in its own right. For many people, bi+ is the only label that can accurately describe their orientation. It’s certainly not just something to hide behind – in fact, bi+ people face significant biphobia, both from within the LGBTUA+ community and wider society.

But… Aren’t you just a bit desperate?

Bi+ people are as picky or desperate as the rest of society. Identifying as bi+ has nothing to do with anything except who you’re attracted to.