An undefined person is someone who does not label one or more of their sexual or romantic orientation, or their gender identity. Other terms that some people may use are queer, and pomosexual (post-modern sexual), which refers to not labelling sexual orientation.

Can’t you just pick a label?

People do not to define their gender identity or sexual/romantic orientation for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Feeling that labels which are currently used do not accurately define their gender or sexuality. For example, someone who is attracted to feminine people regardless of gender identity who may not feel that bi+ is an accurate label, and someone who cannot find anyone else using a word which represents their gender identity, might both identify as undefined.
  • Thinking labels are limiting, and force people into boxes; or just not wanting to be defined by their sexuality or gender identity. People may identify as undefined because they don’t want the assumptions that people make based on the labels they would otherwise use to limit them, their attraction, gender expression and/or relationships.
  • For political reasons. This may be related to one of the above, or different ones altogether. Some people may find that refusing to define their sexuality or gender identity is empowering, or that it confronts stereotypes or assumptions about various definitions.

So are undefined people just bi+/trans?

Nope! People do not to define for a variety of reasons, and have a variety of patterns of attraction. Undefined people may also identify as undefined because they do not to define their gender identity, but may still define their sexuality. Whilst some undefined people may consider themselves trans, not all undefined people are trans. Someone who does not to define their gender identity may or may not be trans*; and some people who do not to define their sexuality but do define their gender identity are cisgender (non-transgender).