Meet the Exec

Co-Presidents (Operations)

Danny Hi I'm Danny, I'm your Co-President (operations). I'm a thrid year Biomedical Sciences student. I was social sec last year and plan to be really involved in this years social events this year as well. I'm really into my sports but also a self-proclaimed weeb.
As a working class, queer, PoC I have a strong passion for campaigns for the equality of marginalised communities. Please feel free to contact me on Facebook, Instagram or Discord. If you see me out and about please say hi. I know how scary it can be (I was literally social secretary whilst having social anxiety haha)

Lauren Hiya, I’m Lauren (she/her) and I’m one of your Co-Presidents of Operations for this year! You might recognise me as the excitable, pink-haired social sec from last year, who always wore cat ears and had a coffee in her hand…If not, then I hope we get to meet this year! I’m hoping to bring even more fun and inclusivity to our lil’ queer family, and as Co-Pres I’ll be overseeing the social side of the society and liaising with the SU to help make Pride better than ever. I’m always available and happy to help - whether you have society concerns or queries; you’re in need of a friend; or just want someone to discuss plants and animal crossing with – I’m only a message away! UwU

Co-Presidents (Strategy)


JamesT Hi, I’m James (he/him) and I’m a second-year maths student and now Treasurer (Apparently). My role is to splash the cash across the society and make sure we keep running events, campaigns and supporting everyone across campus. Shameless nerd and general fan of Doctor Who, but feel free to chat about anything if you see me around!

Campaigns officers

Ish Hello! I’m Ish, one of your Campaigns officers! I’m a second year Politics and International Studies student who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. I love reading, my cats, playing guitar and my two guilty pleasures, period dramas and crime dramas. I hope to run campaigns this year for Pride with liberation at their heart, ensuring that our activism considers the experiences of the most marginalised in our communities. Please let me know if you have ideas for campaigns or issues you think we might be able to help; I’d love to support you achieving the change we wish to see at our university and in wider society.

Eren Hi, I’m Eren (she/her pronouns) and I’m in charge of the campaigns side of Pride along with your other campaigns officer Ish. I’m going into my third year of history and philosophy degree, and this will be my second year on the pride exec! Campaigns includes advocacy, education and charity work, and I’m eager to hear from our members what campaigns they want Pride to pursue this year.

Socials Officers

Aisa Hey! I’m Aisa (they/she), and I’m a queer non-binary Politics and Philosophy student. As one of your two social secs, I will be running all of Pride’s socials, so you will see plenty of me! Having been a fresher just last year I understand how daunting going to events can be, so please message me on any of my socials if you have any questions or concerns. I can often be found in the pride discord as well if you’d like a chat! My focus for this year is on whether our socials are genuinely inclusive and welcoming for communities historically and currently excluded from many queer spaces. I am also the LGBTUA+ Officer for Warwick Labour, where I will be running events exploring radical/socialist queer thought.

Social Media Officer

Hey~, I'm Cass (she/her)! I'm Pride's Social media officer this year and it's my job to make sure you all know whats going on with the society and events that will be happening. I spend most of my time looking at pictures of animals the internet or making terrible dad jokes instead of doing actual useful things. If you see me around at any events do say hi I try to be really friendly ❤

Bi+ Officer

Georgie Hello folks I'm Georgie (she/her). I'm an English and German student going into my second year. I hope to create a vibrant and supportive Bi+ community with lots of events to see your lovely faces! Very happy to have a chat/answer any questions ❤. Outside of Pride, I'm a member Sexpressions Warwick, a pretty shoddy poet and an unparalleled dog enthusiast.

Trans Officer

Undefined Officer

Asexual/Aromantic Officer

People of Colour Officer

Postgraduate & Mature Students' Officer

Scott Hi! I’m Scott (he/him/they/them), I’m the postgraduate and mature rep for the society. I’ll be running socials in the forms of meet-ups, meals out and day trips to various places to cater for the PG&M community. We’ll aim to have at least one meet up a month with another event alongside. Any suggestions please free to get in touch with the society and don’t forget to join our Facebook group. I’m a PhD student in Life Sciences and live on campus, so feel free to say hi if you see me out and about!

Women's Officer

Becs Hi! I’m Becs (she/her) and I’m your Women’s Officer and point of contact for the polyam and disabilities communities. I’m super excited to hold a variety of social events, women specific campaigns, and discussion groups for us to compare, discuss, and empathise with each other’s experiences. I’m a Sociology student super interested in gender studies and also president of Anti-Sexism Society so if you ever want to talk about women’s issues/misogyny/how awful the patriarchy is I’m your girl! If you ever need someone to meet you before an event (or just have a hot chocolate or glass of wine) please don’t hesitate to message me 🙂 x