Warwick Liberation Coalition

WLC logoWarwick Pride doesn’t exist in isolation; we’re part of the wider liberation community at Warwick, committed to taking a truly intersectional approach to liberation. We work closely alongside Warwick Anti-Sexism Society, Warwick Anti-Racism Society, Warwick Enable, Warwick Mind Aware and the part-time SU liberation officers. The previous academic year saw the launch of the Warwick Liberation Coalition, cementing the alliances between the liberation societies, officers, students, and staff, and providing a forum for cross-community discussion and action. The coalition meets termly, when everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. We’ll announce the details of each meeting in Pride’s weekly emails!

Projects which the coalition will be working on over the coming academic year include:

  • Increasing diversity in the curricula
  • Increasing awareness of liberation issues in the personal tutor system
  • Launching an equality charter for clubs and societies at Warwick
  • Campaigning for greater provision for conferences placed at NUS Black Students conference, and NUS Disabled Students conference

If you’d like to be added to the coalition’s mailing list email wlc@warwickpride.org.

Coalition members (in addition to Warwick Pride) include:

Warwick Anti-Sexism Society

“WASS dedicates itself to helping win the war against sexism and patriarchy. We hold weekly meetings, get active within our local community, and help campaign within wider society.”

Find out more at fb.me/warwickantisexism.

Warwick Anti-Racism Society

“The University of Warwick Anti-Racism Society (WAR Soc) is a recently-established student-run society campaigning for anti-racism issues on campus. We run regular debates, workshops, socials and general discussions, as well as campaigns.”

Find out more at fb.me/warsoc.

Warwick Enable

“Warwick Enable is the society for disabled students, their friends, allies, enablers and carers at the University of Warwick. Our aim is to create a community that can help provide support for disabled students here at Warwick.”

Find out more at warwicksu.com/societies/18989.

Warwick Mind Aware

“Warwick Mind Aware is a group within Warwick University that aims to campaign for mental health issues and increase general all-round emotional well being!”

Find out more at fb.me/WarwickMindAware.

SU Liberation Officers

These four officers work to ensure that the voices of liberation groups are represented within the SU. They each hold a seat on Union Council, and run campaigns and themed weeks designed to raise awareness of issues affecting liberation students’ lives.

Find out more at bit.do/liberation.

SU Welfare & Campaigns Sabbatical Officer

“Part of my job is to offer advice regarding housing, sexual and mental health and immigration. The other part of my job is to encourage student activism, so when you are passionate about an issue I can advise you on how to go about organising a campaign.”

Find out more at bit.do/welfare.


WLC Minutes:

Minutes from 13/06/14. Please contact us for further minutes.