Gender Neutral Toilets

The university and SU have policies defending the right of all students to use the gendered facilities that they feel most comfortable in. However, not everyone is comfortable using gendered facilities. If this is the case, you are fully entitled to use the gender neutral/disabled facilities on campus. This covers both toilets and changing rooms. You shouldn’t have any difficulty accessing these facilities, but if you do please email

We have a standing campaign to increase the provision on campus, and have had significant success in the 2015/16 academic year. Further details will be available on our facebook page as we receive them.

Below is a list of the Gender Neutral Toilets on campus (and how they are labelled):

Physics Dept./Sciences concourse:
• Ground floor (accessed via first set of stairs on concourse) (Disabled)
• Near L3 (Disabled)
• Ground floor Physical Sciences (Disabled)

• Second floor extension, on left after the bridge (Disabled)

Computer Science Dept.:
• Ground floor by undergrad. common room (Disabled)
• First floor by CS1.04 (Disabled)
• Third floor opposite gendered toilets (Disabled)

• Ground floor (Disabled)
• First floor (Disabled)
• Second floor stairwell, leading to MS.03 etc. (Disabled)

• Third floor extension (Disabled) [Note: the tap operates from a handle underneath the sink. Tip: use your knee!]
• Ground floor, next to H0.56 (Disabled)

Social Sciences:
• Ground floor, near the vending machines by S0.20 (Disabled)

• Downstairs, near the workshops, between the main stairs/lifts and the engineering stores (Disabled)
• Ground floor, between Engineering and Chemistry, near the Stairs down from the Science Concourse (Disabled)
• N.B. All other accessible toilets in engineering are within gendered facilities

• Behind the lecture theatre next to the entrance. Past reception and to the right, but not through the doors. (Disabled)
• Floor 2, next to the bridge (Disabled)
• Probably many others throughout the building.

Arts Centre:
• NONE (Disabled are within gendered toilets)

• First Floor, opposite Meeting Room 3+4 (Gender Neutral Accessible Toilets)
• Second Floor, near darkroom + student advice centre (Disabled)

The SU:
(All SU toilets previously labelled as for disabled people only are now officially gender neutral accessible facilities.)
• Dirty Duck, opposite where you can see into the kitchen
• Atrium, Ground Floor, to the right of the pharmacy
• Atrium, 1st Floor, to the right of the Bread Oven
• Copper Rooms 2, by stairs to Rouge
• Copper Rooms 1, behind door labeled M + D

University House:
• Near vending machines in the main lobby (Disabled)

Rootes Building:
• Ground floor with gendered toilets opposite vending machines (Disabled)
• First floor by entrance to Rootes Restaurant (Disabled)
• Second floor outside Panorama Room (Disabled)

Health Centre:
• On the left after the entrance (Labelled Female + Disabled)

• Costa Coffee has gender neutral toilets
• Coventry University Students’ Union has gender neutral toilets and the building is open throughout the day

If you have any more that we have missed or any comments about them, please feel free to email