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Public Notice Regarding Zahawi Campaigns

As you may be aware, Warwick Pride has been the subject of several news articles centred around Nadhim Zahawi's visit to the University of Warwick last Friday.

We would like to offer the following clarification to anyone seeking information about this event.

Warwick Pride was NOT involved in the organisation of the protest outside the event. We are NOT the correct people to contact about this, or to associate this protest with! It was organised by an independent group, Trans Action Warwick.

As was clearly said in our statement about Nadhim Zahawi's presence on campus (which you can read here, and which was published publicly on our Social Media on 25-05-2022 here) we intended (and tried, with limited success) to attend as audience members to the speaker event in order to ask Nadhim Zahawi questions about the rights of trans people in the UK. That is all.

The speaker event was advertised as open to all students at the University. Many of us were blacklisted on the guests list and denied entry, despite having obtained tickets. Those from Pride who were allowed in submitted questions via the method given at the event, and did not cause any disruption inside.

If you would like a press release about the event, or to learn more about the protest that went on outside, please contact Trans Action Warwick. Thank you.

Warwick Pride is committed to campaigning for LGBTQUIA+ liberation both on campus and further afield, providing advice and welfare services, and running a busy and varied program of social events. We provide a safe, supportive and friendly atmosphere for LGBTQUIA+ people to meet others at Warwick; everyone who attends our events is bound by our safe space policy, and we endeavour to ensure that our events and resources are as accessible as possible.

The day-to-day running of the society is handled by the executive committee (colloquially: exec), including officers who represent communities within Pride: Bi+, Trans, Queer & Undefined, Aspec & Arospec, Polyam, International Students, People of Colour, Disabled Students, Postgraduate & Mature students, and Women. Feel free to contact any of the exec members for information, advice or support using the contact details given on their exec pages.

If you’re new to the society, why not consider joining our Parenting Scheme, or the Befriending Scheme? We’ll assign you two existing members to help you get involved with the society, meet up with you separately if you’re unsure about attending larger socials (or just converse by email), and attend some events with you so that you’ll always have a friendly face to show you around and introduce you to others. Becoming part of the Pride family tree is a great first step to making the most of your time in the society.

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