Gender Neutral Toilets

Information about the availability of gender-neutral toilets on campus.

The university and SU have policies defending the right of all students to use the gendered facilities that they feel most comfortable in. However, not everyone is comfortable using gendered facilities, so we have campaigned tirelessly for the provision of gender-neutral toilets and changing rooms on campus.

After years of campaigning, we have finally convinced the University to provide appropriate facilities for non-binary people and others who would like to use gender-neutral facilities. All single-occupancy toilets have been rebranded to be gender-neutral (let us know if you find some that were missed!), all new buildings will have gender-neutral toilets available, and the University is gradually retrofitting existing toilet blocks when they are due to undergo maintenance.

Availability of gender-neutral toilets is still a bit patchy, but please respect that the accessible facilities are there for disabled people, so please use the non-accessible gender-neutral facilities where available.

The SU has a list of Gender-Neutral Facilities that you can find here:

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