Campaigns Overview

Campaigning is an important part of our society as we aim to make Warwick and beyond more LGBTQUIA+ friendly. After all Pride groups were founded on protest and community. In the past we have worked on iniatives such as getting more gender neutral toilets, the Gender Recognition Act and anti-LGBTQ+ phobia. We regularly collaborate with other societies and causes that intersect with Pride, fighting for liberation of all identities. We often organise events and campaigns around key times such as LGBTQUIA+ history month, Biphobia awareness day and World Aids Day. This year we going to follow up on our work on trans rights and the GRA; campaign on better mental health services, particularly specialist services for LGBTQ+ people and much more. We are always willing to hear your thoughts on campaigns you want to run or problems you believe aren’t being addressed. Just message our social media page, drop us an email and join us on Facebook to see how you get involved!

Pride Week/LGBTQUIA+ Awareness Week

Every year in Term 1 Warwick Pride and the LGBTQUA+ Officer of the SU run a week of events dedicated to raising awareness of LGBTQUIA+ issues on campus and worldwide. In the past this has included workshops on asexuality, screenings of international LGBTQUIA+ films, an interfaith panel, a talk on the role of LGBT politics internationally, vigils to remember victims of LGBTQUIA+ phobia and much much more.

Important Days

Every year on May 17th we organise a programme of events for the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. IDAHoBiT is meant to raise awareness regarding the ongoing discrimination and violence committed by states, societies and individuals against LGBTQUIA+ and queer people on various scales, from homophobic and transphobic legislations and forms of state repression to hate crimes including insults, attacks and murders. We also organise for Trans Day of Remembrance and Trans Day of Visibility.

Gender Options

For many trans people, as simple a task as choosing the gender option on a form can be a minefield. Many organisations believe that ‘trans’ is a gender identity, which it is not. And for those who do not identify as a binary gender (‘male’ or ‘female’), there is often no suitable option for them. One of our ongoing campaigns is to ensure that all union and university forms are inclusive of non-binary people. Forward details of non-compliant forms to us at Sports Participation It is an unfortunate fact that many LGBTQUIA+ people have a less than positive experience with sport at school. At Warwick, we’re committed to ensuring that sport is an inclusive and supportive space for all (at every level).

Pride is a Protest

Pride events began in 1969 with the Stonewall riots; and historically Warwick Pride events have been about protesting against the inequalities that LGBTQUIA+ people have faced and continue to face. Every year we march with other student groups as part of Coalition Midlands LGBT (a network of LGBT+ groups across the Midlands) at Birmingham Pride to continue this message and oppose the inequalities that LGBTQUIA+ people face in the UK and worldwide.

People Of Faith

Pride will be looking at issues queer people of faith face, and extending safe space rules to explicitly provide a safe space for people of faith. We will be looking at adapting Pride’s welfare and parenting schemes to be aware of these issues and to make queer people of faith feel as much a part of the community as everyone else. We’d like to call upon members of faith to share their personal experiences; please email in to and we’ll look to include these on our website.

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