Sexual Health

Information and resources we offer relating to sexual health.

If you’d like to discuss issues relating to sexual health, email confidentially to

Safer Sex Materials

Ordinarily we supply safer sex materials to our members via a discreet locker/pigeonhole. Unfortunately, due to changes within SUHQ, there is currently nowhere suitable for them to be placed – we will update this page when we have found another suitable location, but in the meantime, feel free to email us at to arrange access.

  • Condoms suitable for anal sex (Blue Sticker)
  • Flavoured condoms for oral sex (Green Sticker, with flavours written on the envelope)
  • Regular condom (No Sticker)
  • Dental dams (Yellow Sticker, flavours written on envelope)
  • Latex free dental dams (Yellow Sticker, with LATEX FREE written on it)
  • Latex free gloves (Orange Sticker)
  • Lubricant (Pink Sticker)

Other materials can also be obtained from the Welfare Officer by confidentially emailing with your requests. We currently have in stock:

  • Various latex and non-latex condoms, including flavoured.
  • Flavoured dental dams for oral sex and latex-free dental dams.
  • Lube.
  • Non-latex gloves.

The Welfare Officer will also be bringing safe sex materials and leaflets along to the Welcome Buffet and other large events throughout term. We also do regular trips to the sexual health drop-in on campus, and the clinic in Coventry. Further sexual health resources can be obtained from the SU Welfare and Campaigns Officer, including menstrual health products.

More information about sexual health services in Coventry.